Coming back home

Emily is officially back in Iowa!

After 28 hours in airports, airplanes, with little to no sleep, I made it not to home, but to a nice comfy hotel. Little did I know when I was buying my plane ticket home back in July that I would get caught in Iowa’s first big snowstorm of 2015. Continue reading “Coming back home”


Sevilla Pastry Crawl (una vez más)

Here I go again, making another pastry crawl blog post. This is really just to show off all the yummy sweets I have been eating here, but if anyone happens to head over to Sevilla, they should definitely try these places. I’ve only been here four months, but long enough to have my default cafés, so this one was almost a struggle to find the perfect cafés. I had to get out of my bubble a little bit, just so I could show my adoring blog fans about all the cool places to go in Sevilla. I present to you: Sevilla Pastry Crawl (Part 2)! Continue reading “Sevilla Pastry Crawl (una vez más)”

My favorite person to travel with

So while looking through blog ideas from the International Program at the University of Iowa (where I send in my blogs every couple weeks to share my crazy experience), I found a question that I could immediately and easily answer, but I wanted to save it for the last big month of travels. The question is:
Who’s your favorite person to travel with, and why?
And the answer is (*drum roll*)… Continue reading “My favorite person to travel with”

Thanksgiving in Sevilla

It was a rainy and cold weekend for Thanksgiving this year, but that’s probably nothing to the snow and cold poor Iowa got! Spending Thanksgiving here was definitely an experience, if only because there really wasn’t an experience. Or we had to make our own experience, because while there is Black Friday here, there is no Thanksgiving.

Which makes complete sense because Thanksgiving was all about the native Americans and pilgrims making friends (or so our kindergarten teachers tell us!). I wasn’t expecting it to have such an impact on me, and I think the fact that my study abroad experience is almost over also really got me feeling a little homesick and a little left out. Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Sevilla”

Climbing the Language Barrier

I’m going to start off by telling everyone it’s 60 degrees outside, and I am FREEZING. This cold is giving me flashbacks to the polar vortex and -25 degree windshield. Except it’s 60 degrees. I am an Iowan in and out, 20 years of living with Iowa winters, and I have become soft. This place has changed me into the person that says, “Que calor!” At 80 degrees and “Que frío!” At 60 degrees. Continue reading “Climbing the Language Barrier”

Sevilla Pastry Crawl 2014

This blog post is very special and dear to me because it involves one of my most favorite things: pastries. I decided one weekend when I had nothing else to do that I was going to go around to cafés and  bakeries around Sevilla to try/retry some delicious treats for science and for my blog. I want to share with everyone the beauty of the pastry here in Sevilla, and give some addresses for anyone who’s thinking about visiting Sevilla, but doesn’t really know where to go to fix that hankering for chocolate or just stop and relax with a café con leche. Continue reading “Sevilla Pastry Crawl 2014”

7 Reasons Why I Chose to Study Abroad (and why you should too)

I’m close to my halfway point in my study abroad experience, and I think I have gained enough experience and expertise to let other people know exactly why they should be doing exactly what I’m doing (but in their own way)! If I can convince at least one person to go through with a study abroad experience, I think I would be happy. There are a million reasons why people should study abroad, or travel in general, but here are a few that I came up with that I think are pretty convincing arguments. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why I Chose to Study Abroad (and why you should too)”

I left my heart in Portugal

October 8th. Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s been more than a month abroad, and somehow I’m still surviving. Actually, I know how I’m surviving. With lots of pastries and tea.

It’s really hard to imagine that I’m just getting into October. On the 2nd, my señora came in and said, “It’s been one month!” And while I could understand her, I couldn’t really wrap my head around the fact. I just laughed because I had totally forgotten about it until that moment. Continue reading “I left my heart in Portugal”