A response to my previous post

Another week of Spain, and I still find myself in absolute awe with this country and the people in it. I went to Granada this weekend with a group of 6 other friends, and couldn’t help but gasp a lot and say, “Woooow” or “Oh my gosh” every time I turned my head and saw the beautiful view around me.

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How to Pack for Study Abroad

Ever since I realized I was actually going to Spain, I spent my life searching for lists and lists of the best things to pack, how to pack them, and everything in between. You wouldn’t believe how many resources there are for not only study abroad, but also “Backpacking in Europe for 1 Month with a Carry On!” or “How to Live out of a Backpack!” It is all really fun and would probably be the best way to travel, in my opinion, but it’s a little more intimidating trying to think about what I’m going to need for the next four months and five days. If I could survive out of just one larger suitcase, I would be lucky. The problem with the millions of different resources, and the thousands of great ideas on what to do, it’s hard to decide the best rule of thumb for suitcases, clothes, or even shampoo. So I decided to add to that giant pile of information with my own little guide on the best way to pack for study abroad. I’m not expert, I know. I haven’t even left yet. I think I have a pretty good idea of what to do after doing so much research and internet searching. Continue reading “How to Pack for Study Abroad”