2.5 months and a weekend in Paris

This weekend I had one of those magical weekends that all study abroad students brag about when they get back home (and on their blogs). I headed over to Paris, France this weekend with a group of friends to take in Parisian culture and eat lots of crossaints and crepes. It was glamorous—the City of Love, beautiful rain or shine, night or day. Continue reading “2.5 months and a weekend in Paris”


Climbing the Language Barrier

I’m going to start off by telling everyone it’s 60 degrees outside, and I am FREEZING. This cold is giving me flashbacks to the polar vortex and -25 degree windshield. Except it’s 60 degrees. I am an Iowan in and out, 20 years of living with Iowa winters, and I have become soft. This place has changed me into the person that says, “Que calor!” At 80 degrees and “Que frĂ­o!” At 60 degrees. Continue reading “Climbing the Language Barrier”