Sevilla Pastry Crawl (una vez más)

Here I go again, making another pastry crawl blog post. This is really just to show off all the yummy sweets I have been eating here, but if anyone happens to head over to Sevilla, they should definitely try these places. I’ve only been here four months, but long enough to have my default cafés, so this one was almost a struggle to find the perfect cafés. I had to get out of my bubble a little bit, just so I could show my adoring blog fans about all the cool places to go in Sevilla. I present to you: Sevilla Pastry Crawl (Part 2)!

Dulce Trazo

C/ Méndez Núñez, 7
This is the most adorable café you’ll find in all of Sevilla, I’m sure of it. Before you even enter, there are bent spoons for door handles. But when you do enter, you are suddenly in some kind of cutesy Alice in Wonderland café, with teapots hanging from the ceiling and a clock made out of tea cups and saucers. The decor makes a tea fanatic like me all warm and happy inside. Feels like a tea home. That’s just the beginning too—they have the best cakes, from carrot to brownie cheesecake, and yummy looking chocolate covered crossaints, although I have been too busy sampling the cakes to try them. They have a variety of tea and coffee. Both are good choices, and I usually go with the theme of the place and get some good ol’ earl grey. It’s a wonderful place to just sit down and stare because you can go there a hundred times and still find some new cute tea set or spoon on the wall. I would know.

Red House

C/ Amor de Dios, 7
Welcome to the strangest, most indie looking café in Sevilla. It’s got that homey café feel that seems to be lacking here (no complaints from me), with mismatched couches and chairs. The walls are covered with some crazy art that I know I will never understand, but staring at them gives you an excuse not to do your homework. Speaking of which! This is a good place to do homework because 1. It has Wifi, and 2. People don’t look at you funny for pulling out your laptop to work. Because people don’t study in coffee shops in Sevilla, apparently. So for all you college kids, come on over. They’ve got tea in big mugs and some yummy sweets.

Dulce Regina

C/ Regina, 15
I’ve been itching to try this place all semester since hearing about it the first week I was here. These are definitely the best cookies in all Sevilla, and this cute little shop is full of them. I’m still not sure when they’re open, but definitely sometime around noon. The reason I haven’t had a chance to try the delicious cookies is because every time I head over, they’re closed! Que pena. But if you do happen to catch this teeny café while it’s open, do NOT pass it by. Also, I asked the lovely dueño her favorite and she said any cookie with chocolate in it, in case you have trouble picking!


Just about anywhere
Ahh. Churros. I’ve been on a magical hunt for churros since my freshman year of college, 2012, where I tasted the best churros of my life. Good times. I didn’t even know churros was a thing in Spain until coming here and seeing all the signs for them. There are the long kind that looks like a giant swirly snake, and then there are the churros de patatas, which are small and looped. You can also put sugar on them, or get some liquid chocolate to dip them in. Or both, because why the heck not? They are warm, delicious, and the perfect food to eat when you feel like the world is ending. I have avoided the oily greasy goodness like the plague after my severe stomach problems, but I decided to get some just for this blog post. I know my stomach will regret it later. But for all you stronger people out there, you have no excuse. Get some churros con chocolate, and live the life you were meant to have.

Café Constanza

C/ Cuna, 45
This one is a new one, as far as I know, otherwise I’ve been passing by it on my way to class this whole semester and haven’t seen it open. It’s kind of hiding in this really neat looking clothes/random artsy things store, but it’s definitely worth a try. They have a ton of coffee choices, not just the usual café con leche. I got myself a mocha because I’ve been severely lacking in the mocha/lattes since coming here. They have breakfast choices, pastries, and cakes, all out there for you to stare at. It’s a small space that’s open to the outside, so going there on a cold morning seemed a little daunting, but the hot coffee and flaky crossaint will keep you nice and toasty while you people watch or check out the clothes store that lies further in.


C/ Mármoles, 11
No pictures because I never took the chance to take any, but I felt this deserved a mention! Another café/bar close to CIEE, but this one is a little bit more restaurant-y than café. It has breakfast lunch and dinner, but I’ve only stopped in for breakfast! Yummy crossaints, giant muffins (which I’m 95% sure come from Costco but that’s definitely not a bad thing), and a lot of other things! Their tea is served in these neato clear mugs. Also, the service there is second to none. They’re used to Americans (probably because they’re not even a block away from CIEE), and they are friendly to whoever walks in the door, no matter how busy. It’s definitely a little community in there during the busy times. This is a good place to sit down and chat, drink some tea, and eat some of those delicious convent muffins I told you guys about last time.

Honorable mention:

Rayas Helados

This isn’t a café, or even a bakery, but this deserves some recognition. A friend told me that it was the best ice cream in the entire world, and I was skeptical. I’m not a huge ice cream fan. As in I don’t eat it when it’s cold outside, and I think it’s the true lovers of ice cream that say “It’s never too cold for ice cream.” So by the time I get around to trying it, it was cold outside, and I thought to myself, “This better be good”. Oh man, it was so worth it. Creamy, smooth, sweet. I don’t even know how it differs from other ice creams, except that it tastes like heaven probably tastes like. Like love and happiness melting inside your mouth to create pure bliss. It’s that good. So if you’re tired of cafés and pastries, treat yourself to some Rayas ice cream. You will never be the same after.